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Fearless PostgreSQL Database Refactoring

The PostgreSQL relational database engine has been offering very powerful features for building databases or data warehouses for a long time now. It can help you build databases and data-warehouses that unlock the value of your data. Features such as foreign keys,...

The Dark NOC

Do you wonder if and when a dark NOC can be achieved? Keep on reading to find out more!

What is alarm fatigue?

What is alarm fatigue?

Alarm fatigue occurs when engineers or professionals are exposed to an excess of alarms in their work environment. Imagine getting up to hundreds or even thousands of notifications and alarms per day. Due to the excessive amount of information you have to process all...

Data Analytics Maturity Model

Data is de olie van de 21e eeuw, maar hoe gebruik je data om in de snelle en veranderlijke wereld van vandaag de continue optimalisatie in je bedrijf te houden.