Smart Networks

Smart networks consist of deployments like smart sensors, smart meters, and IoT technologies. They generate unprecedented amounts of data. Process petabytes of utility data at game-changing speeds with 1OPTIC. Maximize the uptime, reduce the costs, and maintain your SLA leading to happier customers.

The utility industry has a growing amount of connected devices. An example is a smart grid, where smart sensors, smart meters, and other IoT deployments lead to an influx of additional data.

Some key facts in utility

  • There are over 200 million smart meters in Europe alone
  • Each smart meter easily produces hundreds of MB annually
  • Petabytes of data have to be processed each year

What are the challenges?

Combining and analyzing billing and usage data

Understand customer behavior better by analyzing customer data and billing data. By efficiently collecting multiple data points like smart meter data and historical billing data, utility providers can offer personalized subscriptions to cater to each customer’s needs. This improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Asset maintenance prediction

It is challenging to let assets operate at their peak efficiency. By timely identifying assets in need of repair or replacement, you can reduce the risk of disruptions and failures. Analyze the utility grid data points of the grid infrastructure to apply predictive maintenance of assets. Successfully applying predictive maintenance of assets can lead to massive cost savings.

Load capacity

Analyzing utility data in (near) real-time is a must to get insight into your total network performance. It helps you to perform at full capacity and reduce supply disruptions and outages. It gets more challenging when thinking of risk modeling for cases like sudden usage spikes or the overheating of transformers.

Fraud detection

Spot fraud and leakages with anomaly detection. A requirement is the usage of real-time data insights on the energy consumption in the entire smart grid. Anomaly detection helps you save money by reducing fraud and swiftly identifying leakages.

The solution

With 1OPTIC, you can harness the raw power of utility data to achieve a competitive advantage and get real-time insights at the speed of thought.

1OPTIC delivers utility providers real-time data interactivity at scale. Visualize petabytes of data on easy-to-use and fully customizable dashboards. Monitor your organization’s asset performance in real-time and track total resource usage.

Explore petabytes of smart meter and smart sensor data for new insights, anomaly detection, and to realize cost reductions. Keep customers happy by offering subscriptions catered to their preferences.

See it for yourself

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