Process telecom data at game-changing speeds and take data-driven business decisions from advanced data visualization techniques.

1OPTIC helps you to harness the power of all your data to assure and optimize your network and achieve competitive advantage in your industry with advanced, data driven decisions.

Reduce complexity with single-source-of-truth analyses and overviews from data across vendors, categories and generations.

Moreover, 1OPTIC increases cost-effectiveness and flexibility through an open-source platform that also allows you to accelerate growth and innovation. Check out the 1OPTIC Telco demo video to see how it helps CSPs with real-time insights.

Vendor-agnostic: process all your network data and combine them;

  • all PM, CM and FM data
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G data
  • Multi-vendor integration (Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and any other vendor)


  • Facilitate network equipment swaps without compromising overview
  • Make Capacity Planning Decisions easier

Massive scalability allows you to fully become future-proof

  • Unlock the full potential of 5G networks and combine them across generations, vendors and categories.
  • Network optimization done right on enormous scale

Cross domain

  • Combine OSS and BSS data and process all RAN, Core and Fiber data in near real-time granularity. 

Discover 1OPTIC

With near 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to help CSPs realize massive cost reductions while improving network quality, monitoring, and operationality.

The 1OPTIC telecom data platform solutions provide modular, vendor-independent solutions for real-time Performance Management and automated solutions for zero-touch network optimization. They are developed in-house by a team of ambitious engineers and Telco professionals.

1OPTIC has replaced a variety of legacy software to help CSPs be prepared for the challenging future. It enables several CSPs on a daily basis to optimize mobile network Operations, Network Optimization, Performance Management, and SLA management with real-time data ingestion, data processing, rule-based automation, and Workflow management. 

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