Accelerate business growth
with the 1OPTIC platform


Process all your multi-vendor data sources and combine them into one high-performing integrated system, creating a single pane of glass. That is the power of 1OPTIC.


Open and modular data platform

1OPTIC is an open ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with your existing cloud or on-premises IT solutions and allows you to perform advanced Data Science projects including AI, Machine Learning, and beyond.

Cloud &

Leverage Data Science projects by deploying 1OPTIC in the Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid


No matter how fast and massive you scale, 1OPTIC grows with you.


All Data Science needs are included, the modules help you advance your data maturity


Leverage cross-domain networks and prevent vendor lock-in with our open ecosystem


Your data is always secure with our system’s automated backup feature

Turn raw data in valuable insights

Data Processing at game-changing speeds

Make data-driven business decisions from advanced data visualization techniques at the speed of thought.

Data Security and Quality

Boost security and innovation with our professional open-source solutions. Improve data quality and assure continuity with automated back-ups.

Only integrate what you benefit from

We value freedom of choice and help you to stay cost-efficient. Choose between modular elements and use them interchangeably.

Sounds good?
Have a look at our 1OPTIC platform architecture breakdown.

Data Collection with Cortex

Data sources configured? Then let’s perform magic with Cortex, our robust and open-source data broker solution. Time to set up the configuration per data stream and allow both continuous and scheduled data retrieval & publication.

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Data Processing with Minerva ETL

ETL time with Minerva! Minerva is our open-source and PostgreSQL-based ETL solution for parsing, processing, and publishing all kinds of (big) data. By using Minerva, you know that your data is processed securely and efficiently.

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Data Visualization with 1OPTIC Client

Everyone loves dashboards. We can create custom GUIs or build an adapted Grafana dashboard tailored to your needs. Allow yourself to have an excellent overview, including advanced KPIs. If you have geospatial data we have an advanced GIS viewer available to visualize your data.

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Rule-Based Automation with TripAiku

Let’s beat alarm fatigue with Tripaiku, our rule-based automation and workflow managing solution. Set up rules when you need a notification or alarm to trigger, Tripaiku automatically creates and prioritizes tickets to follow up in your workflow system.

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