Visualize data
with dashboards


Data visualization helps to communicate information clearly and efficiently by using visualization techniques. It enables the production of easy-to-understand visuals for decision-making, monitoring, and more.

Create visual insights

When looking at 1OPTIC and data visualization, end-users often consist of 2 types.

The first group is non-technical users. They should be able to make decisions based on data swiftly and without requiring too much technical know-how. Data visualization provides a fast overview with the essential data shown on a graphic like a map.

The second group is technical end users. They have a deep understanding of the data shown and can look into details. For this group, interactive maps would work well. They can find details easily without having to delve through the whole set of data manually.

Why Data Visualization?

Data visualization is useful when dealing with large amounts of data. It saves time by not having to analyze the data separately but rather communicate data clearly and efficiently.

Perhaps you require real-time dashboards with custom KPIs. Maybe you need an interactive (geospatial) map displaying relevant data. Need to know how to start or what works best to visualize your data? How about the situation where you already use a BI tool like PowerBI but face one of its limitations?

The solution is easy: we can build any dashboard to provide you with the best overview of your data.

What exactly do we offer with our data visualization?

With our near 20 years of experience with data visualization, we learned a lot from our customers. They face challenges that are still not met by many (legacy) tools in use today.

We offer you the following possibilities;

  • Get (custom) GUIs with real-time data
  • Let employees build and finetune dashboards with the open architecture
  • Combine all data sources in one single pane of glass
  • Measure all your relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • View multi-vendor graphics for better decision-making

We offer you this and more. Why not find out in a free 1-on-1 session with one of our data consultants?

Does 1OPTIC have visualization specialties?

Although we can create many kinds of custom dashboards for our clients, we specialize in 2 options;

Grafana Dashboarding

We frequently make use of the open-source tool Grafana to create custom dashboards. Read more

1OPTIC Client

1OPTIC Client is our custom visualization tool to help with GIS-related insights and advanced visualization techniques like network handovers. Read more

Not convinced yet?

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