with Grafana


What is Grafana?

In this age of big data, even small-sized IT environments quickly generate vast amounts of data. Once data streams are configured, and the processes of data collection and data processing are in motion, it is time for analysis. There are many analysis methods, but one always benefits from data visualization.

It could be monitoring the network environment, detecting (new) patterns, or acting upon anomalies. It is imperative to visualize data for performing diagnostics and root cause analysis. It is due to a better understanding of what happened at a certain point in time. Grafana is a tool to realize this need for data visualization.

We use Grafana for both ourselves and our clients as an open-source analytics and visualization solution. It helps our clients to get insights from their data and combine all data streams onto a single pane of glass. 

Does 1OPTIC integrate with Grafana?

The short answer is yes. We are very familiar with Grafana and create custom dashboards for our clients with it. The user-friendliness allows our clients’ employees to easily interact with it and sometimes adjust or create new dashboards of their own. The open ecosystem of the 1OPTIC data platform allows easy integration of open-source (visualization) tools like Grafana. 


Grafana sounds good! Any downsides?

Grafana has a downside you should keep in mind. It does not feature a native capability to aggregate data from multiple data sources. Because Grafana itself is not a data store of its own, the ability to handle correlation across multiple data times is limited. 

With 1OPTIC, you do not have to worry about this downside because our vendor-agnostic platform easily aggregates data from multiple sources. This makes it possible to use Grafana to make awesome multi-vendor dashboards with a single pane of glass. 

You find Grafana dashboarding in the data visualization division of our modular 1OPTIC platform.

See it for yourself

Let us know how we can help you with dashboarding, whether through Grafana or other means.