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TripAiku is our open-source alarm management and workflow management solution thats improves workflow efficiency and eliminates risks that can be associated with alarm fatigue.

Focus on what truly matters

Imagine having an advanced network setup or Networks Operation Center that features over 500 data elements. To prevent wasting time, you only want to focus on events that truly matter. 

TripAiku automates the data acquisition and monitoring process for you. The advanced algorithm automatically prioritizes tickets and events in your workflow management system.

The auto-close feature helps you to get rid of tickets that no longer need your attention. The result? A clean and efficient system that saves you precious time and money.

Rule-based automation

After pre-defining rules, TripAiku continuously monitors irregularities like failures or overloads. It then looks for trends between the incoming data streams. When irregularities occur, Tripaiku releases a trigger that creates a notification. The process is automated, helping your company to enable incident response automation.

TripAiku can generate these independently or collect them from other systems such as alarm systems. Relevant notifications are bundled in a ticket and then processed in your system. This could either be your existing workflow management system or a suitable system that we implement for you.

TripAiku benefits

Enable rule-based automation to improve efficiency

Save valuable time by autoclosing tickets

Faster detection of worthwhile events with prioritizing

Alarm fatigue is history with Tripaiku!

Ticket information on a detailed level

Enhance your workflow management with intelligent and unique features.

We have developed a unique algorithm. It uses advanced, incremental 2-stage weighting and clustering.

One of the highly requested algorithm features is that it allows tickets that have been unattended for a longer time to automatically become increasingly important. A ticket can also be weighed heavier as the problem is continuing.

By using this mechanism, users of the workflow management system are not flooded with small or less important notifications but rather the notifications that truly matter. It also ensures that the monitoring team is automatically updated at real-time speeds without compromising quality.

There can be many reasons for having a multi-vendor network. Whether you are migrating your current networks to another network hardware vendor or prefer to not fully depend on one vendor, our software has your back. Your entire network can be connected with TripAiku. This is mostly because we create and use open-source software that accepts data from every possible data source.

Many engineers, network monitoring teams, or healthcare specialists will be familiar with alert fatigue or experience this daily. When monitoring a network with software it, unfortunately, happens all too often that notifications pop up that have no high priority.

TripAiku solves this problem not only with prioritizing but also by automatically closing the tickets that are no longer necessary. Doing this process manually is wasting time when TripAiku can do this for you. Don’t lose your focus on the important tickets!

Once a prioritized notification or ticket pops up in your workflow management system, it is important to understand the context of the notification. If you only receive a fault or error that tells you that something happened, but the context is missing, it will be a time-consuming process to let an engineer find out the context and source of fault manually.

TripAiku connects the context with the ticket or notification to provide you with clear and concise information. From the notification menu, you can easily click on the specific information like a data source and view the context. It can even be integrated with for example geospatial data in our GIS viewer or other solutions.

Our single-source-of-truth principle is integrated into all our software including TripAiku.

The interactive context feature reduces alarm fatigue by removing the need to manually search among many possible contexts and alerts.

All our software solutions (like TripAiku) can be paired with other important systems due to our open-source architecture.

For example, your company could truly benefit from a map view to show you where a ticket or alarm occurs. In that case, we can connect TripAiku with geospatial data and a GIS viewer to provide essential context and visualize your data.

The benefit of the open-source ecosystem is that it allows easy and cost-effective implementation, faster implementation time, and provides a solid foundation to speed up innovation.

Due to the open-source architecture of our solutions, TripAiku can integrate many different data sources. Moreover, the actual output can be synchronized with many different workflow management systems.

One of our personal favorites is Jetbrains’ Youtrack, which is also open-source and allows for efficient integration.

If you want to know whether TripAiku works for your current solution, feel free to contact us.

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