Why Clients Choose 1OPTIC Dataplatform?


1OPTIC is created with the highest quality standards in mind. We offer multiple unique advantages that offer our clients new possibilities, reliability, performance, and sustainable pricing. Discover the 4 major reasons why clients choose the 1OPTIC data platform below.

Experience since 2003

We create scalable software solutions since 2003. We have added many new modules since and that is how we came to offer them all in 1OPTIC. Naturally, the platform remains up-to-date with the latest techniques.

Open-source platform

1OPTIC is based on open-source software. This means less dependence on your current software supplier(s) for business operations. Do not forget the quick adjustments, reliability, and competitive prices it has to offer as well.


1OPTIC fits within scientific models such as CRISP-DM, KDD, and SEMMA. Moreover, 1OPTIC can be adapted to all your wishes by using Agile methods. This lets you perform Data Science perfectly while ensuring that the highest standards are met.


The 1OPTIC platform is regularly updated with new features to further enhance the performance and possibilities of 1OPTIC. We are always eager for feedback or things like feature requests. We then continue to integrate it with our product vision.

What makes 1OPTIC unique?

All-in-one-data solution

All-in-one solution with modules

  • One platform for all your data integration, warehousing, management, quality, processing, and Data Science needs.
  • A cost-efficient solution, choose the modules you need and stop paying for unnecessary things
  • We help you as your partner and supplier, also after becoming a client


You deserve the best performance

  • Get real-time data processing insights
  • No data loss or quality compromises
  • Adjustable granularity to suit your needs
  • Allow humongous amounts of network elements simultaneously


Strategic decisions can make your network multi-vendor

  • Process all your data and combine them
  • No data sampling or clustering needed
  • Raw data to actionable insights across vendors
  • Multi-vendor integration, regardless of equipment vendor(s)
  • Facilitate network equipment swaps without compromising overview
  • Make Capacity Planning Decisions easier


    Massive Scalability

    Claimed by many, delivered by few

    • Become future-proof by facilitating the needs of tomorrow today
    • Unlock the full potential of your data by combining.
    • Optimization on a massive scale, meaning massive datasets are available in real-time.

    Cross-domain networks

    Leverage synergy with cross-domain networks

    • Combine cross-domain data in near real-time granularity
    • Secure to use and tailored to your needs

    Not convinced yet?

    Send us sample data to process and be surprised!