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Imagine having a high-performance modular data platform which processes all your data sources at revolutionary speeds and combines them into one integrated system. Provided in a single pane of glass. Without compromising on quality, safety or reliability. Sounds good to you? Welcome to 1OPTIC.

Open and modular data platform

1OPTIC is an open ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with your existing cloud or on-premises IT solutions and allows you to perform advanced Data Science projects including AI, Machine Learning, and beyond.

Process data at game-changing speeds and make data-driven business decisions from advanced data visualization techniques.

Discover 1OPTIC’s key features

Cloud & On-Premises

Deploy Data Science how you want it; Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid.

Massive Scalability

Our platform easily scales with your business and data growth – also on a massive scale.

Modular Platform

Pick the 1OPTIC module you need and integrate it with your existing systems. 

Complete Data Platform

All Data Science needs are included, allowing you to advance your data maturity.

Open Ecosystem

Leverage cross-domain networks and prevent vendor lock-in with our open ecosystem.

Accelerate Data Science

Collect data at revolutionary speeds, have a single source of truth, and save time by data processing automation.

Unlock your data’s full potential

We help you to advance every step of your data maturity

Discover how your company benefits from the 1OPTIC data platform today and tomorrow!